Holland Building Services — Job Scope

Holland Building Services is a janitorial building contractor; we clean and maintain office buildings, education facilities, banks, medical facilities, and industrial jobs sites in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area.

All employees agree they will report to work promptly and perform their work in accordance with the Employer's Work Rules and procedures. All employees, regardless of classification, must be able to perform the essential functions of the job to which they are assigned. They also must perform their work in an efficient manner and at a productivity rate comparable to the performance of the average employee.

The general scope of these positions requires the following: pulling trash, mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, cleaning and stocking restrooms, high and low dusting, and sweeping and mopping stairways. These positions require ample walking and using stairs throughout job site facilities during assigned shift, the ability to lift up to 35 lbs and bend frequently, as well as reaching overhead to complete cleaning tasks, e.g., high and low dusting, lifting trash out of containers, pushing/pulling motion with arms while wet mopping floors and vacuuming.

There are 2 classifications of janitors; Limited Service Operator (LSO) and Full Service Operator (FSO). Below is a brief description of these classifications. The description does not cover all duties in their entirety.

Limited Service Operator (LSO):

Limited service work shall be defined as general office cleaning; emptying wastebaskets, dusting, wiping down furniture; sweeping with dust mop up to and including 24 inches in length except in hallways where a 36 inch mop is used; damp-mopping with a mop of either 16 or 24 ounces, vacuuming carpets with a household-type vacuum sweeper, spot cleaning doors and glass; dusting low venetian blinds; cleaning and restocking restrooms. No floor scrubbing operations are involved in limited service work.

Full Service Operator (FSO)

Full service work shall be defined as all work above limited service. This involves mopping, stripping and waxing with mops larger than 16 ounces in size up to 24 and 32 ounce mops; operation of 17 inch and over floor machines (buffers), operation of automatic floor scrubbing and carpet cleaning equipment; use of ladders to routinely clean light fixtures; moving furniture as necessary to perform scrub jobs; moving of equipment; using large dust mops and hauling and removing heavy trash. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.