Quality Management

Advances in technology have permitted us to form a better streamlined way of processing information. E-mail has been a powerful tool for our customers to communicate with us. We handle concerns and complaints in a quick and effective manner. We understand the value of our customerís time and our goal is to not have our customerís spending their time telling us what we are not doing for them. We take a proactive stance on quality because we are confident that this is an area that we can stand out from our competitors.

We currently use CleanTelligent inspection software along with a PDA, to perform inspections in many of our clientsí buildings. This system is entirely comprehensive. It allows the user the flexibility to perform a standard or customized inspection of all or specific areas of a building. All completed inspections are either downloaded via a hot sync to a computer or automatically through a wireless connection. The history of these inspections can be output in various types of reports to give better clarity of possible repetitive cleaning issues or concerns. Furthermore, the program may be used to perform safety audit reviews with employees or preventative maintenance audits on equipment.