I completely recommend Holland Building Services for all your cleaning needs. I have been using their services since the opening of our new World Headquarters in Monroe, MI opened 2 years ago. I have never been disappointed in the quality of their work or employees. In fact, our LEED Silver Certified building looks, feels, and Smells the same as it did the day we opened the doors.

Holland’s employees are dedicated, courteous, responsive and professional. They have never wavered in going above and beyond to assist with duties outside of their contacted scope of work.

If you are seeking a cleaning contractor, I do not hesitate at all to recommend Holland building Services to take care of your needs.

Edward Hughes
Commodity Manager, La-Z-Boy

Hello, everyone.

As I stated on the phone one of your employees found some money last week the amount was $100.00. They brought it to me without hesitation, and later that evening based on the note that was put under my door they remembered seeing another one of our brokers. They also speculated that it might have been them who dropped the money.

On Tuesday of this week I had a meeting with the broker, and ask him if he had lost any money. The look on his face was priceless, and he stated that he had lost $100 bill. I stated to him that it was found by one of Holland's employees they turned it over to me and I had it in safekeeping.

He immediately indicated that he wanted to give the employee a reward and he handed me a $20 bill. Tuesday evening when Holland's employee came in I gave them the money and passed on the broker's thank you for being a very honest person. I also indicated to the employee that the broker would like to thank them in person.

From my point of view I think this employee of Holland's is a class act and a very honest person and I just wanted you to know what had taken place. I guess I would say there are many honest people around and this employee happens to be one of them.

Lou A. Lowe
Property Manager
Four Seagate